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Holiday Gift Guide For Ladies in your Life

Holiday Gift Guide For Ladies In Your Life Are you ready for my holiday gift guide for ladies this year? Happy Holidays to everyone. What Holiday Traditions are you finding comfort in this year? We totally went overboard decorating over here. I am talking Christmas everywhere you turn. I usually get quickly overwhelmed by the …

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Change And Minimalism, How This Relates To Fashion

Change – Is It Good Or Bad? Someone said something to me recently that made me start thinking about how change and minimalism affect my fashion choices. “You like to change things and are always looking for something better.” That is what my husband said to me a few weeks ago. I took pause when …

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How To Look Your Best On A Zoom Meeting

With all these virtual gatherings we’ve been having, has anyone wondered how to look your best on a Zoom meeting? Keep reading to see my favorite tips to keep you looking beautiful on camera. How is everyone doing this week? My girls started a new school and It has included a lot of firsts including …

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