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5 Ways To Elevate Your Fashion Game

Time for some more wardrobe tips, let’s elevate your fashion! How has this week been going for everyone? Here in Northern California it has been hot and I mean hot, the last 3 days have been over 100 degrees. We are really wishing we put in that pool but have gotten creative and hit the river every day. There are these little rapids and the girls go down on their tubes with huge smiles across their faces. It is so fun to watch their sheer joy while creating these family memories. We load up our bikes and put the bike trailer on the back with these big huge inner-tubes on top. We are quite the scene, but it is fun.

Time For Some New Wardrobe Tips!

I have been thinking all week about my post this week and I thought it would be fun for me to share some style advice I have found helpful over the years starting with how to elevate your fashion. I really believe style is individual to each of us and shows off not only our personality but how the world sees us. These are meant to be a guide not rules to live and die by. I am not one for strict fashion rules, after all aren’t rules made to be broken. Whether you like it or not, you are communicating how you feel about yourself to the world when you get dressed every day.

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Find your Own Unique Style

This is something you can have a lot of fun with. Your own unique style is what makes you different and truly you. You might think, I don’t have my own style or what is my style? I am going to be honest here, you do have a style even if you don’t think you do. What you are wearing is how you are showing up to the world. Do you like how you are showing up? If not, it is time for a change. Do you want to be more serious, fun, trendy, outgoing or a combination of all of it? To find your own style, start by thinking about your favorite outfit that you always get compliments on. What are your favorite colors? How do you want the world to see you?

Finding YOU Is A Journey

Finding your own style not happen overnight, but you will be surprised, when you focus on it your style will start to shine through. Don’t be afraid to try new styles and to get outside your comfort zone. You might find what you have been wearing for years no longer conveys the image you want anymore. The thing I absolutely love about fashion is there is always tomorrow where you can wear something different. It is not like buying a couch that you must keep for years. So, go ahead experiment and get outside that comfort zone, you might be pleasantly surprised. Finally, getting a little help with what looks good on you and is on trend from a Style Coach is always a good thing.

Embrace Your Body: The Good, The Bad And The In Between

Almost everyone is critical of themselves at some point or another, I am after all my harshest critic. It is not easy to love your body. I am not even telling you to love your body. If you just care for it, feed it healthy food, move it and be thankful for all that it has done in the world for you, you will feel so much better. I have never loved my thighs, but they have skied mountains all over the world and that is amazing. It’s ok to be frustrated with a part or your whole body for that matter but just remember your body is amazing. Would you talk to your sister, mother or daughter like you talk to yourself?

Don’t Hide Your Beauty

One of the biggest fashion mistakes people make is hiding the parts of their body they don’t like. For example, wearing an oversized top to hide a belly or for me that would mean wearing baggy jeans to hide my hips and thighs. I learned long ago to embrace those hips and thighs and that hiding them was only making them appear bigger. I have been called everything from hippy, thunder thighs, to curvy (before it was a good thing to be curvy) and much, much worse things. Once I embraced my body and no longer hid the perceived bad parts, I looked better and had more confidence. When you embrace your body, your confidence will show, and you will look better in your clothes. Are you hiding a part or all of your body and without realizing it you are making yourself look worse?

Dress For your Current Body

Number 2 to elevate your fashion leads me to this: dress for the body you have. Not the body you used to have or the body you want. Your clothes need to fit your current body. Clothes that fit property are so important and I can’t stress this enough. Wearing clothes that are either too big or too small make you look bigger and that is just the plain truth. If you are still holding onto to the designer jeans of early 2000s, I give you permission to donate them. If you still fit in them, good for you but you are not fooling anyone. Don’t hold onto the past if they still don’t fit. Those jeans, I know, I know they were expensive, you looked amazing in them and you have fond memories but they are no longer relevant. They will make you look dated and looking dated adds years and pounds onto your beautiful body.

Holding Onto The Past?

Check out what you are holding onto from your past and ask yourself why? What about that time in your life was significant? Were you thinner and you hope to get back? Are you holding onto the memories? Really anything over 20 years unless it is designer, or a keepsake probably should not be in your closet. And by Designer, I mean brands like Channel or Couture, not ready to wear items. Your body has changed in the last 20 years and those old clothes no longer work for your current figure. Ok after writing this, I am heading to my closet to donate some items that I have been holding onto for way to long.

 Stay Relevant

This tip is just as important as all the rest in order to elevate your fashion. You do not have to be on trend all the time. In fact, you do not want to be the trendiest, unless of course that is your style. It is important to stay relevant by wearing current updated styles. I think it is important to purchase a few new items every season to keep your wardrobe up to date and fresh. You will look younger and thinner with a few new additions. Each season, I like to look at my closet and add anything that I need to replace that is worn out. I then look at my basics and give them a good refresh and finally I pick a few trends that I would like to try. This past Spring tried the flared leg jean (ok sorta like the early 2000 ones but definitely updated) and I am just loving this look.

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Dresses are always great for looking pulled together.

Remember to Accessorize

This one might be my favorite to elevate your fashion. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good accessory. I love all things jewelry, handbags, shoes and scarfs. You can take an outfit from just ok to amazing in a few short steps. The other thing I love about accessories is that they stand the test of time better than your clothing. This is a place you can add vintage pieces in the form of jewelry and/or handbags.

I know I just said to get rid of anything older then 20 years, but I am making an exception for a great handbag or jewelry. Currently on trend are delicate pieces of jewelry, but don’t throw out all your statement necklaces. A good statement necklace can still be worn, or you can save it for when it comes back around. A good handbag can elevate your white t-shirt and torn jeans in two minutes. Add a pair of hot pink heels and you are ready for a night on the town.

Be On The Lookout

Be on the lookout for future posts on how to elevate your fashion game and remember your style will most likely evolve as you do and that is the fun of it all. Hiring a Style Coach is also something that can take your look up a notch or two. This is someone who can really help you find a style and clothing that fit your beautiful figure. I am available for these services virtually and in person locally. Feel free to check out my services at https://agirlandherjeans.com/services/

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  1. Great article! A reminder to abandon my quarantine style of yoga pants and old t-shirt. And thank you for mentioning accessories, something I always forget to add.

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