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Hello, how are you all doing in your workout pants? With all this SIP going on, I quickly realized that I need to get moving, exercising that is. Have you been finding it a challenge to get your move on while staying at home?   I am finding it easy not to move as much as before since we are mainly at home working and homeschooling the 2 girlies.

 Since I was not moving enough, I was also not sleeping. I just think my body was not tired. So, I got my move on. I have been riding the Peloton a lot, anyone else have one? I just love it. I have also been going on long walks and outdoor bike rides. I am still trying to integrate weight lifting on the regular in my schedule, but I have the moving down. With regular exercise, I am able to wind down and sleep better during these unsettling times.

Time For Some Gear: I Need Workout Pants!

I also quickly realized, I did not have enough workout pants or leggings – specifically capris to last through all these workouts. Some days I have been wearing 2 sets and I just could not keep up with the laundry.  Have you all found the perfect capri workout legging?  I wanted a few new pairs and really wanted to stay under $30, not the typical $100+ leggings of Athleta and LuluLemon. Don’t get my wrong, these 2 brands are my absolute favorite but I figured that there had to be other ones out there that are just as good, right? In my search, I found 4 pairs. Here are the reviews. Let me know what you think and if you have any favorites I am missing.

Dragonfit capris
Dragon fit workout capris

Dragon Fit Workout Pants

At first when I tried these workout pants on, they were my favorite. Then I quickly realized they are see through on me and not ideal. Besides being see through I really like the fit, nice and tight and high waisted. For me the higher waist the better, that way they do not slide down my hips and show all the things they should not be showing. I bought these straight from Amazon and purchased a large (my normal size which is a 12). They fit well ad have a hidden pocket at the waistband. The waist band is extra enforced, which I am hoping makes them last longer. These were $20.98, and unfortunately not a win.

Workout capris
Phisockat Workout capris

High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets Workout Pants

These are super soft which is always a plus and also high waisted. I like these ones as well and for $18.98 they can’t be beat. I like the side pockets since I can slip my phone right in them and have it easy to get to. I actually prefer any pants with these side pockets. They are a great length and I think will be a great addition to my workouts. I did the bend over test and these are not at all see through. I wore these on a bike ride and they were great. I am curious to see how they wash and wear and will update you all after a few washes.

Old Navy Compression Capris
Old Navy Compression Capris

Old Navy
High-Waisted Elevate Side Pocket Mesh-Trim Compression Crops
(Black leopard Print) Workout Pants

I really like these, I mean really like these ones. They are tight in all the right places and really hold you in. I bought the black leopard print and then immediately bought them in plain black. They have 2 sides pockets on both sides and are truly comfortable. They do not slide down since they are so high-waisted and they are overall flattering. These are $30 with an additional 30% off making them $21 – another win!

Lululemon capris

Lululemon Workout Pants
Invigorate High-Rise Crop $118

I have had these a while, so I wanted to compare them to last 3 more economical options. These do not have side pockets so that is one thing missing from them. Overall these have a really good flattering fit and I wear them quite often. They are a little longer then the last 3 so I tend to wear them when it is not quite as hot out. They wash and wear well and are good for those transitional Spring and Fall months since they are bit longer. I also do think they are a good value even though they are quite a bit more then the others due to the fact they last a really long time. Lululemon will last longer as long as you wash them in cold and hang them dry. I am wearing a 10 and tend to size down 1 in Lululemon pants.

In conclusion, besides the Old Navy pair – I really did not find a pair that were better than the more expensive brands. I am curious what you are all wearing, any that are budget friendly that you love?

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