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All New Free Style Guide

This week has been fun, stressful and scattered so I am ready for something FUN like my Free Style Guide! Does anyone else have weeks like that.  I had oh so much I wanted to accomplish and just didn’t get to it.  I chose to have a bit of fun instead.   Hiking with my sister, those few hours away in the mountains – my favorite place – was the recharge that I needed.  I have only seen her twice in the last few months and it was comforting to spend time with family.   Then yesterday we hit the rapids and went rafting, well they were quite small rapids but fun none the less.  With the girls home for the summer, not wanting to do many (if any camps), I am finding a hard time juggling it all. 

I am not sure the fall will be much different and then the anxiety of sending them back to school worrying about getting sick seems overwhelming at times.   So this coming week, I am going to turn off the news a bit and sit still more.   Going to take some quiet time to envision what I would like my life to look like in the next 6 months, not what the news tells me my life will be like.  I am going to make some goals and plans for myself as well as our family with my husband.   I hope to find some peace in this and move away from the anxiety producing news world we are currently living in.  What are you doing lately that is helping in these uncertain times?

On A Lighter Note

I created a new free style guide for all of you. It is the Top 10 Style Basics to up your wardrobe game. By following this guide, you will be able to take your wardrobe up a notch by adding a few items that compliment your current style. I am passionate that anyone can look good no matter what shape and size you are. All you need are a few basics that are figure flattering and then you are on your way. This guide will help you with a foundation for your wardrobe. To get the guide head on over to A Girl and Her Jeans and subscribe when the pop up window comes up. If you have already subscribed, don’t worry you can enter your email in again and you will receive the guide the next day. (You will not be subscribed twice). In the coming weeks, I have some exciting offers I will be extending out to my community to help you further with your style.

Styling Shorts

Here are a couple of outfits I styled with shorts. I like my shorts on the longer side. These are higher waisted then a few pair I own and I find them more comfortable.

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