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10 Must Have Classics for a Stylish Wardrobe

Top 10 Classics for a Stylish Wardrobe Is anyone else wondering happening with fashion in 2021?  Are you having a hard time finding something to wear? I hit the mall for about an hour last week since our power was out for 33 hours and I needed a quick warm up.  After hitting a few

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The Secret Art of High Low Fashion

It is no secret that high low fashion can elevate your style.  There is an actual art to it and figuring it out can be somewhat difficult.  How do you dress on a budget but look like you spent a Million bucks?  The art of high low dressing has been around for years but actually

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Happy New Year! Fashion And Minimalism 2021!

2021: The Year Of Fashion And Minimalism Happy New Year, bring on fashion and minimalism in 2021.  It’s 2021, I look forward to a brighter outlook in the world.  Who knew 2020 would be so challenging on so many levels?  I remember thinking 2020 was going to be the best year yet, I would launch

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Change And Minimalism, How This Relates To Fashion

Change – Is It Good Or Bad? Someone said something to me recently that made me start thinking about how change and minimalism affect my fashion choices. “You like to change things and are always looking for something better.” That is what my husband said to me a few weeks ago. I took pause when

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Tips For Refreshing Your Closet

I have been thinking a lot about tips for refreshing your closet and how it effects your life.  Are you rushed getting ready in the morning and spending countless minutes of even hours picking out an outfit? Do you get frustrated and just throw on the same old thing?  These are common issues all us

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Meet Dawn

Surprising Fact…
I actually DON’T like shopping.

As a midsize woman, former competitive ski-racer, dedicated wife & mother (and thus avid Chardonnay grape juice lover ;) I know firsthand how impossible it can feel to find a pair of jeans that fit well and how frustrating it feels to constantly return online orders due to fit issues.

That’s why I created A Girl & Her Jeans, an online resource for midsize women to make on-trend fashion fun & flattering while saving you time & money.

What you can expect from AG&HJ?
Figure flattering style tips & tricks, denim sizing & shopping guides, the best brands to fit your body type, what current trends to love and what trends to lose, lifestyle hacks and ultimately, encouragement for style and sass and at any size!

Here to Help

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My Top 10 Style Basics to take your wardrobe up a notch or two. It will help you look fashionable and fabulous. Enjoy!