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Change And Minimalism, How This Relates To Fashion

Change – Is It Good Or Bad?

Someone said something to me recently that made me start thinking about how change and minimalism affect my fashion choices. “You like to change things and are always looking for something better.” That is what my husband said to me a few weeks ago. I took pause when he mentioned this. This statement is true. I like to work on bettering myself, my situation, my wardrobe and décor. This is a part of me.

I never stopped to reflect how this affects the people around me in my life or whether it might not always be positive. After all, isn’t it good to want better for myself? His simple nonchalant statement had me thinking, is it always so good to be constantly changing? Maybe I should relax and enjoy how things are? Can change and minimalism be bad?

After all change is inevitable whether we want it or not. 2020 has been a year of constant change in the world, our households, pretty much everywhere you look for all of us.

I Made A Mistake….

Fast forward a few weeks to last week and his statement came roaring back. It hit me smack dab in the face when I was in the middle changing something, making it better only to regret it immediately and want it back to the old way.

You see, we are in the middle of a home paint remodel and I decided to paint wood wainscoting for a more updated modern look. The decorator I hired suggested it and I went along with it, after all I am about making things better and changing them.

Well BIG, I mean BIG mistake. I immediately regretted the decision. What had I done? I loved our house and now I found myself so frustrated for making a bad, potential costly decision. My family took one look at it and I could see that they were unhappy with the change, they liked the old look – we all did.

It Will Be Okay….

While we are still in the midst of this poor decision I made, it might work out in the end once we find the right color. Time will tell. It’s not a life-changing decision by any means and life will go on but it is certainly frustrating.

Have any of you made a decision you immediately regretted and wanted to turn back time?  Did you say something you wish you hadn’t said?   Do you regret a change you made?

Is This Fashion Related?

Why am I telling you this? My husband’s quick passing comment made me take pause at the time.  What did he mean by this?  Was he right?   Should I settle in on some things and not go about changing everything?   Does it affect those around me when I am constantly striving for better?

 What I have always perceived as a positive trait might not be so positive after all. You might be thinking how does this relate to fashion or intentional living, isn’t that what your blog is about?

This past year I have been thinking a lot on just about everything in my life. What is working and what is not working in my life? I have been adjusting quite a few things and it feels great. One thing I am becoming more conscious of is my closet and how I like to shop and buy new clothes with the changing seasons.  I have been buying into the fashion industries constantly changing trends and wanted to keep up.  But is this a good thing?

How Change And Minimalism Affect My Fashion

While this is fun and can be good, too much of a good thing is too much.  Do you shop too much?  Are you constantly shopping and buying the same thing?   Is your closet overflowing?  If you are me, I would have answered yes to all of these questions last year. Let’s allow change and minimalism to streamline our wardrobe choices.

So, this year I am taking a step back and refreshing my current wardrobe and buying with intention. This has felt so good. I am first clearing out and making space.  I am even leaving this space empty. Have you been feeling the same way, less is sometimes more – much more?

When I have been shopping (which is barely at all compared to before) I am purchasing what I love and what looks really good on me or adds value to my life. If I buy something similar to what I already have, I have decided need to purge a few things. I am trying to be more conscious of how I am living.

The side effect to all of this is I am having a much easier time getting dressed in the morning.  I know what I have, it all fits and is easy to throw on. Now I consider that a win. I have finally realized, I do not need to buy all new clothes each season to stay on trend and look great.

Life Is Always Changing….

Change is inevitable and can be great. Changing just for the sake of change can be negative and now I realize that.  Thank goodness for my husband’s honesty and pointing this out to me. Going forward I will take a step back and ask why I am changing something? Is it to just change or will it enhance me or my family’s life? If minimalism is about focusing on what matters, it only makes sense that change and minimalism go hand in hand.

So this fall, I have been refreshing and reinventing my wardrobe.  I am pulling out all sorts of fun items I have had for years and finding new ways to wear them.  I am loving it and loving how I look.

Dream Closet Challenge

My next course will be helping you purge your closet, refresh your current wardrobe and buy just a few fun things for the seasons ahead. Let’s tie in change and miniamalism with fashion. After your closet is decluttered and you have made a shopping list, we will work on curating outfits for your particular body style.  These outfits will be figure flattering and you will feel amazing.

Here are some fall items you will find me wearing. Enjoy!


Dawn in a red dress
Gap Fall Dress|Perfect for Fall’s Warmer Days

This dress is from 2019 and it has been my go-to for these warmer fall days.  This dress is still fresh, on-trend and flattering. Similar Dress here.

Madewell Paperbag Pant|Nordstrom Tank|Linked here from Previous Post

I just can’t get enough of these Madewell Paperbag pants and have been wearing them on repeat.  They are perfect for fall and go with just about everything.  This Nordstrom Tank is another one I just love.  In the winter, I will throw on a cute motorcycle jacket or blazer.

Here I am blogging away|This Denim Jacket is just perfect for fall temps|Add a black Banana Republic Dress and you are ready for anything.


Denim jackets are my go to.  This denim jacket from Old Navy works year round and is flattering on universal body types. I love the rose gold buttons which add a touch of personality to an old standby.  This Banana Republic dress really pulls the outfit together.

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