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Create A Minimalist Wardrobe And Clear Out Clutter

If you want more simplicity in your life, it might be time to create a minimalist wardrobe. 2020 has been quite a doozy if I say so myself, are you all feeling the same way? So many ups and downs. I have written about this before and I can really say that I thought 2020 was going to be amazing. Well it is turning out different, indeed. I guess we will say hindsight is 2020, right?

With all this staying home it has really helped me prioritize many things in my life and create a minimalist wardrobe. It has also helped me to downsize. I have been working on downsizing my priorities as well as the individual items in my house. Halfway through clearing out the clutter, both in my personal life and my junk, I am starting to feel better. I already feel better, lighter and more energized. I look around and I am seeing items I love, that really have a purpose and are useful. It has also made me think twice before bringing something into our home, does it serve a purpose, have a spot and does it make me feel good? Is anyone else working on their priorities? Has anyone started clearing out your clutter?

I have spent the last few weekends, clearing out and then selling or donating all the items from home goods to my clothing. And you know what, I haven’t missed a thing. I have taken carloads to be donated. Huge steps to help create a minimalist wardrobe. My oldest daughter has even started clearing out her clutter. I asked her why and she said she realized; it feels better to have less things. I will take that one as a win! Does anyone else realize we can live on much less than we think? Well unless it’s purses, I can’t live without my purse collection (as my family likes to call it).

It has gotten me thinking about the fall and winter ahead. Do I really need to buy a lot of new things like I usually do when the seasons change? Or can I repurpose my clothes to look new again?

I am going to take the next couple of weeks and clear out my clothing. Then I will take an inventory on the items I would like to add to my wardrobe this fall. I can’t wait to share with you what I plan on parting with and adding to my wardrobe.


Here is one trip to take all the clutter to be donated.

Do you have a hard time parting with your items you spent hard earned money on? I hear you; this is a challenge for almost everyone especially when you want to create a minimalist wardrobe.

I wanted to share with you a few easy ways to part with those clothes that no longer serve you and the life you are living today. The easiest way is to start with the items that are not in good shape. Remove the items with holes in them, faded items, wearing in all the wrong places or pilling. Put these in the donate pile and move on. You will not miss them.

These items are taking up room in your closet and holding you back from seeing all the great clothes you do have. To my surprise, I have pulled out clothing from the darkest depths of my closet to only realize that it has a hole in it or is just plain ugly. Believe me, I am a work in progress but as we approach 2021 I am going to clear out the old to make room for the new.


Next, move onto the items you never wear but are taking up room in your closet. This one is harder since it is always easy to come up with a reason you “might” wear this in the future. Trust me, you will not miss it. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it is time to move on. You probably will not wear it in the next year and it will only take up valuable space.

An exception to this rule is formal wear that you really truly do wear only once or twice a year. I also tend to hold onto cold weather jackets or beach vacation items that I may not get to wear yearly. Make sure that these items are still looking fresh and in good shape. If not, you can move on to make way for something better in your wardrobe.

Next, look at the items that no longer fit. Have you lost or gained weight? Has your shape changed due to having a baby or working out more? Are the clothing items too big, too small or did they never fit well? If they are too small and you are hoping they fit, they might actually be blocking you from achieving your goals. These items are just a reminder of what you are not, not what you can be.

Finally, take a step back and look at the rest of your items. Do they represent who you are today? Do they work for your professional and personal life? Can you get dressed easily in the morning for your day? Are you prepared for anything your day throws at you? Do you feel fantastic in your clothes? If not, it’s time to reevaluate.

Once you check out your closet and all that you own, it is time to make a list of new items you would like to add. Need help with this, check out one of my latest posts on Top 5 Fashion Finds for Fall. These must haves will update your look and keep you on-trend.

Make a checklist of items you need so when you are shopping you stay on track. Do you need a nice new pair of jeans? New black pants? A fun everyday dress? Do you have any events or work meetings coming up that you would like to look fabulous for? Write this down so you can be on the lookout for an item to add your wardrobe. What about the Holidays? I know what you are thinking; how I can I think of the Holidays? It is not even Halloween.

The Holidays will be here before you know it and if you are on the lookout for a few items now, it will save you a lot of stress when December actually hits. When you are shopping in person or online, you can keep a lookout for these items on your list. A little tip, the next couple of weeks, stores will be putting a lot of their fall items on sale to make way for true winter and holiday items.

Putting in this effort in the next couple of weeks will help you stay stylish in the months to come. Additionally, this effort will save you money and time. You will be able to snag a few items on sale instead of paying full price on that last-minute dress or shoes you need for an event. You will also have cleared out your closet to make way for new and fresh items keeping you looking updated.

Creating a minimalist wardrobe of clothing you truly love, and wear will free your life up for all kinds of possibilities. You will spend less time stressing about how you look. Be on the lookout, I am creating a series of classes to help you curate a wonderful wardrobe that will have you looking put together and a fashionista in no time. I look forward to helping you! Want more tips for creating your dream closet? Check out this challenge…




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