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Fall Denim Trends

Denim Trends for Fall

It finally feels like fall here. After-all it is a cool 80 degrees. I know that seems ridiculous to most of you but here in California the summer is hanging on for just about ever. It is so hard to not bust out the boots and winter wool sweaters. I most certainly would overheat in a matter of minutes if I did that. So, as we are easing into fall, I am sharing my favorite items that I am wearing with my jeans. I am pretty much wearing on  these on repeat.

Jeans are my favorite, I know you already know that by now.  You can really dress denim up or down and it goes with everything.   I am loving the new styles that are coming out this year and that the fashion industry is branching out beyond skinny jeans.  I like the flexibility of different styles since I pretty much wear them exclusively in Fall, Winter and Spring.


Does anyone else all of the sudden feel constricted in your skinny jeans? I am not sure what happened but maybe wearing all those workout leggings with plenty of stretch put me off skinny jeans?  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good skinny jean but I am really loving straight leg and jeans with a flared leg.  Here are a few my favorite this year.

As a side note, one of these days I am going to get these selfies down and not cut my head off.  But for now, I am working on not trying for perfection.  That clearly does not exist, so please enjoy cut off head and all.


Cute Flared Ann Taylor Jeans|Ann Taylor Blouse|Pink Heels

These jeans are my new favorites.  I bought them in the Spring at Ann Taylor and they are so flattering as well as comfortable. Throw on a cute heel and you are ready for anything.  I love them with just a simple black tank.  Let me know if you are embracing this retro look.

Gibson Look Tank|Madewell Vintage Jeans|Sam Edelman Loafers

This is pretty much my go to outfit, a tank and denim.  You can’t go wrong with this Gibson Look tank and these jeans.  It is such a great outfit for running errands and working at home.  These jeans are high waisted and hold all the jiggly parts in.

Express Lace Puff Sleeve Top|Madewell Jeans|Pink Heels

I finally went out last night to dinner. It felt so normal to be out on the town, even if it was just a few hours. I wore this outfit and I got so many compliments and felt great.

I love the pop of color with these pink shoes and feel like I can wear this outfit almost all year long here in California.  These are similar jeans to the ones above just a little lighter with a frayed hem.  I am pretty sure I will wear this outfit a lot.

Madewell Top|Banana Republic Jeans|Sam Edelman Flats

This is another fun outfit that I have been wearing.  These jeans are bootcut with a small flare and I love them.  They are really comfortable. I had them hemmed a little bit (I mean short legs) so I can wear them with flats.  This Madewell top is perfect year round.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post on Denim Trends for Fall.  Be sure to check out my last post on minimalism as you are shopping for you new fall finds.   It will keep you on track and not buying everything you see.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to drop a comment on any fashion trends you would like to hear about in the future.  Your feedback is important to me and I love having you follow me.

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