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The Secret Art of High Low Fashion

It is no secret that high low fashion can elevate your style.  There is an actual art to it and figuring it out can be somewhat difficult. 

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fashion and minimalism

Happy New Year! Fashion And Minimalism 2021!

2021: The Year Of Fashion And Minimalism Happy New Year, bring on fashion and minimalism in 2021.  It’s 2021, I look forward to a brighter

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Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion – What I Am Wearing Lately!

Fall Fashion – What I am wearing lately! How is your fall fashion routine going?  I have to say personally my life has been a little slower

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Fall Denim Trends

Denim Trends for Fall It finally feels like fall here. After-all it is a cool 80 degrees. I know that seems ridiculous to most of you but here in

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dawn posing in denim jacket

Change And Minimalism, How This Relates To Fashion

Change – Is It Good Or Bad? Someone said something to me recently that made me start thinking about how change and minimalism affect my fashion

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Tips For Refreshing Your Closet

I have been thinking a lot about tips for refreshing your closet and how it effects your life.  Are you rushed getting ready in the morning and

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Create A Minimalist Wardrobe And Clear Out Clutter

Learn how to declutter and refresh your wardrobe. Get ready for

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How To Look Your Best On A Zoom Meeting

With all these virtual gatherings we’ve been having, has anyone wondered how to look your best on a Zoom meeting? Keep reading to see my

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