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Happy New Year! Fashion And Minimalism 2021!

2021: The Year Of Fashion And Minimalism

Happy New Year, bring on fashion and minimalism in 2021.  It’s 2021, I look forward to a brighter outlook in the world.  Who knew 2020 would be so challenging on so many levels?  I remember thinking 2020 was going to be the best year yet, I would launch my blog, focus on my family and have a great year.

A few of those things came true, I launched this  blog back in May.  I finally got the courage to put myself and my ideas out there. I have to thank you for welcoming me to this crazy internet world.  It has been oh so fun and challenging at the same time.  Prior to launching, I did not realize that the learning curve for having a blog was so high. Who knew most of the actual work would be on the backend, not on the tangibles you all see?

Another bright note in 2020, my husband and I were really able to focus on family and decide what was working and what wasn’t.  I hope to look back on 2020 with fond memories of our little family. I hope to see that we were able to persist and model resilience for our 2 little girls.

Bring On Fashion And Minimalism In 2021

Do you have big goals for 2021? Do you set New Years resolutions? While I have big goals for 2021, this year I am taking a different approach and I will have a couple of words that symbolize what I want 2021 to look like. Since I am constantly setting business and personal goals, I want to take a different approach to 2021. Hopefully at the end of the year, I can look back and see how that directly related to my year.

I am still working out what the words will be and will keep you updated when I have them. 2021 will be the year I focus on this blog and get my reach out there.  Secondly, I will focus on my family and continuing to set boundaries on where we spend our time and how we choose to show up in the world.  I am watching these little girls grow up so fast and I want their foundation to be solid so they can go out into the world and take it on.

2021 Trends

As we head into 2021, I thought I would highlight a few trends I feel are here to stay. So here goes:

Zoom Meetings

In the New Year, I see “Zoom” (online) meetings being here to stay.  Remote working will continue for quite some time and there will most likely be a hybrid work force of remote working and in person office time. This new normal will have people updating their homes and offices.  Be sure to check out my post on how to look your best on a Zoom Meeting.  Highlighted are 4 easy steps to take to be Zoom ready and really look great.

Minimalism Will Be The 2021 Trend

We are all spending much more time in our homes and it has become apparent that we collectively have too much stuff.  The trend towards fashion and minimalism will continue. People will be clearing out their closets and homes in droves. Runs to the local thrift store, online sites to sell your items and your local social media platforms will be on fire with all the goods people are trying to unload.

If you are having trouble getting started, reach out to me to help you clear out the clutter. I offer in person or virtual services to efficiently get a handle on your overflowing closets. Have items from the early 2000’s, no worries I can help you refresh and update your wardrobe. Contact me for information.

Getting Outside Will be More Important Than Ever

2021 will see more focus on outdoor activities. Everything from walking to biking, hiking. golfing to snow sports.  This allows you to get out and feel free. The health benefits are a great side effect.  Outdoor gear and clothing will be selling off the shelves.

Casual Pulled Together Looks Will Be On-Trend

Casual looks are you go to for 2021.  Since we are all still working remotely in the New Year, easy pulled together outfits are what will be the fashion. Think leggings with a cute sweater, jeans with a fun blouse, joggers with a twist or athletic wear that looks pulled together.  Below are a few outfits I highlighted this year.  If you are looking for pulled together looks and need some help, my Personal Stylist services are just what you need.  Contact me and we can get you looking pulled together and fashionable on any budget in no time at all.

My Favorite Looks
Ann Taylor Tunic Sweater (Similar)|Spanx Leather Leggings|Doc Martens

I am wearing this outfit right now with a pair of Ugg booties.  I love how these leggings dress up your look.  It’s a great comfy pulled together outfit.  Doc Martens are so comfortable and I am oh so thankful they are back in style.


Ann Taylor Cashmere Sweater|Spanx Joggers|Madewell Booties

These joggers have been on repeat during this holiday break.  They are a bit dressy and edgy and comfortable. Unfortunately, all the cashmere at Ann Taylor is sold out but they are having a HUGE sale and you can find some fun sweaters (linked above).  These Madewell booties will be worn well into spring and go with many outfits.

JCrew Sweater|JCrew Blouse|Leopard Pumps|Madewell Curvy Jeans

This JCrew sweater and top were perfect for Christmas Eve with my little family.  The sweater has a bit of sparkle and glam.  I love the plaid with the Kate Spade Leopard heels.  The jeans are perfect if you have a small waist to hip ration for the hourglass girls out there.  Order the jeans in one size down for a terrific fit.

Ann Taylor Sweater|American Eagle Jeans|Leopard Booties

This Ann Taylor sweater (featured earlier this week) is a great addition to your wardrobe.  I love how the V-neck falls just off the shoulder.  For a slimmer fit, order one size down. These jeans are American Eagle and are on sale at a steal.  These are the curvy super high waisted and fit just perfect in the waist. These leopard booties are on clearance at Nordstrom Rack and you just can’t go wrong with them.

I hope you enjoyed my 2021 Trends on fashion and minimalism.  Have a terrific start to 2021.

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