Inauguration Day

I am writing this post the day after Inauguration day. A day I have waited a long time for.  A day a women was sworn into the second highest office for the United States.  All I can think of is finally! Finally we have an example for our children and women will make progress.  Finally the glass ceiling will start to shatter.

I feel like yesterday was a day to rejoice.  I am so happy for the younger generations and that barriers are being broken as we speak.   I did not and do not intend for my platform to be political but at the same time I intend to be authentic. I couldn’t be more thrilled the example this is setting for all women around the globe.

Growing up, I had a mother who broke her own barriers in a “man’s world” and was a terrific example.  She was a single mom for most of my entire life, my father died leaving her with a 2 (me) and 14 year old.  He also left a business. In order to put food on the table, my mom had to quickly get up to speed.  In 1976 women were not even “allowed” to get credit cards without their husband, but she figured it out.  She took that business and  broke multiple barriers along the way in order to succeed.  I truly admire my mom for this and I know she would be happy to see a woman hold such a high position.

Let’s talk Fashion

I was thrilled to see all the up to date, classic fashion during the inauguration ceremony.  I mean, Michelle Obama’s pant suit and matching coat was the perfect outfit.  Vice President Harris and Dr. Jill Biden’s outfits exuded confidence and timelessness.

The colors and symbolism behind each was also a tribute to their believes and values. White was worn as a nod to women’s suffrage, purple symbolizing unity and women’s suffrage and blue signifying confidence, trust and stability.  These are just a few examples of the thought that went into these outfits.

Amanda Gorman’s yellow coat was absolutely perfect and matched her poem.  Brightness in darkness.  I loved all the performers outfits including Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

In a year when casual is the new trend, I thought these ladies nailed it.  They were classic, yet elegant, while showing each of their personalities and unique style. All the strong women I watched yesterday, that were also stylish and feminine, were inspiring.   This represents so much more than fashion and vanity.  This represents that it is ok to be a strong successful women and still look feminine and put together.

A big shout out to  Christopher John Rogers for dressing VP Harris and Markarian for Dr Jill Biden’s fabulous coat. I can’t wait to see what other fashion choices the next few years will bring. If this is any sign of what is to come, we are in for a fun few years.

Check out the Vanity Fair post for more information on the beautiful fashion seen today.


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