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Introduction To A Girl And Her Jeans

Here is your official introduction to A Girl And Her Jeans! I wanted to introduce myself, I am Dawn, fashion blogger. My blog A Girl and Her Jeans was born out of my love to wear jeans literally all the time, everywhere.  I love to dress them up and down and basically live in them.  Here on my blog, I will be sharing with you all ways to style a good pair of sassy jeans.  I will also be sharing with you all the ways to style yourself, even on those days you are not living in your jeans.

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A little about me, I live in Northern California with my husband and 2 amazing little girls.  We are a sporty, active family that can be found most weekends now on the soccer field which turns into snow sports which quickly turns in water adventures.    We love spending time together and traveling (I will be sharing my travel tips here as well).    Our little family is my inspiration and keeps me grounded and happy.

My Love Of Fashion

My love of fashion, including accessories and my favorite – a good handbag will be highlighted throughout my blog.   One could argue, my love of a good handbag and accessories might rival my love of my favorite pair of jeans.  I am excited to share my tips for dressing all types of figures.  I am a curvy girl who grew up in the era of straight girl fashion.   Remember Guess jeans?   Everyone wanted to wear them but those were not all that flattering on this curvy girl. They were made of denim without any stretch!   They were always gaping at my waist and did not fit my body.  I would have to buy them larger to fit my hips and thighs but then I was swimming  in the waist.

This is when I learned, a good seamstress can really elevate my style.  Fortunately for us curvy girls, they are finally making clothes to fit us.  Dressing your figure with what flatters you, elevates your personal style.   Style is a creative way to express yourself and how the world sees you.  Anyone can have Style at any shape, weight or budget and I am here to show how to do just that.

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Passion For Travel

Travel is another passion of mine and I plan to share with you my tips and tricks for traveling.  We have been fortunate to travel with our 2 girls from a young age and boy did I learn a few tips that have made my life easier, can we say packing cubes?

How About Some Lifestyle Tips?

A little Decor and Lifestyle will be highlighted here as well.  Holidays are becoming my jam, I love a festively decorated room or table to celebrate each passing Holiday or Season.  Dressing your home is similar to dressing yourself and can really tell a story about you and your family.  Decor is so fun, and I can’t wait to share with you my ideas.

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Intentional Living

It’s important to note in this introduction to A Girl And Her Jeans that intentional Living will be highlighted.  I plan to make this a space to visit where you can come to learn about ways to organize, plan and update your life intentionally. A favorite quote of mine  from Wayne Dyer says it perfectly

“The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.”

I am excited to be on this new journey with you all and hope you enjoy my blog.  Check out About Me for more information on where I got my love of fashion and what inspires me.

Virtual Styling Is Always Available!

I am also thrilled to announce in this introduction to A Girl And Her Jeans I will be styling people Virtually and locally here in the Sacramento Region.  I offer Services from a closet overhaul to shopping trip for a new wardrobe or an outfit for a night on the town.  Contact me for more information.  I will feature some of these closet overhauls and shopping here on the blog.

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