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Overcoming overwhelm between career and family

Are you like me, juggling a career and family? 🙋‍♀️

Being a working mom can feel SO overwhelming.

Several days, I have woken up to…
🐶 our puppy regressing barking and having accidents all over
😴 a teenager sleeping in
🤵‍♂️ a traveling husband
👧 an 11 year old looking to be entertained during school breaks

That seems like enough, but add a full time career and the overwhelm grows!

Did I mention the household chores? Dishes, laundry and organizing that never ends!

I sit here wanting to give the best advice on “how I overcome the overwhelm of it all” and I have to honestly say the only way is to just accept it.

There is no such thing as perfect balance.

I have quickly realized, my plan to wing it is not working. I mean from the outside, that is obvious right? 🤷‍♀️

So, how do you overcome being overwhelmed by your family and your career (especially in summer with looser schedules and more free time for the kiddos)?

My girls are outgrowing summer camps so they are not as popular as years past, not to mention they are just so expensive.

I sat myself down and took a moment to try to figure out something…and fast. I am happy to say I am interviewing a girl tomorrow to be a teenage “friend, hang out girl” for my girls. Wish me luck!

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, sit down and have a good honest look at everything on your plate, then create a plan to reduce the chaos!

It does not have to be perfect as long as it reduces the overwhelm.

You’ve got this, working mamas!

P.S. There are only 18 summers to spend with each of our kids, so do your best to enjoy it, even when it’s chaos 💛

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