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The Most Flattering Jeans

Welcome to my post about the most flattering jeans! I can’t believe it is already May and we are still social distancing here in California. How is this year almost half over? I am not sure about all of you, but all this stay at home time has been interesting to say the least. There have been so many good things to come out of it, like not being over-scheduled but I am ready to be back at it. Back at the normal routine, back hanging out with my gals – oh how I miss them. I also miss going to the grocery store like a normal person.

Madewell 11 Inch Denim/Gibsonlook Puff Sleeve Top

Time For The Most Flattering Jeans

Well enough of that, I am going to talk all about the most flattering jeans. I mean they are my favorite and most versatile. After all my blog is named after my love (or should I say obsession) of jeans. As you know from my intro – I love all things denim. Remember the denim purses everyone used to make in the 80s? Ok,  I am dating myself.

I am sitting here after finally taking a shower in my light waisted Madewell jeans with an 11 inch waist. I am wearing them with the cutest gibsonlook puff sleeve t-shirt.

My Love Of The Most Flattering Jeans Goes Deep

 Did I already say it – I just love a good pair of the most flattering jeans? I am really into the high-waisted jeans, not the mom jeans of earlier eras but the ones that hit your waist just perfect and accentuate all the right places. especially for us curvier girls – you all know what I am talking about. Gone are the days of the jeans that gap at the waist that you have to wear a belt just to keep them from being inappropriate. Now you can find a good fitting pair of high-waisted jeans in a variety of stores.

Madewell For The Most Flattering Jeans

My all-time favorite for the most flattering jeans or anything denim is Madewell. I love that they have just the right amount of stretch to hug your curves and make them more comfortable to wear. I also love they are not the super expensive jean of the early 2000s. They also last a long time, another bonus especially on a budget.

I can pretty much walk into any Madewell and grab my size 31 (sometimes 30) and almost always I just love them. I am particular to the 9 and 10 inch rise and just love the fit. I recently bought a pair of 11 inch (the ones I am wearing today) and I love them equally. I have a lot of their skinny jeans and love all the variety of their washes. They really fit a curvy girl well. I have also noticed that they are flattering on a lot of different body types (I will be doing a post on this later)

The Price Is Right

In addition to the fit, Madewell are reasonably priced. Don’t forget to bring in an older pair so you can get $20 off. They recycle them to create insulation, love supporting the environment when I shop. To keep my jeans lasting longer, I always wash them on the speed cycle in cold water and hang them dry. This saves them from fading and the fabric from becoming thinner.

I hope you enjoyed this post and when that mall opens up, I will be sharing with you all the denim and different brands for the curvy fit and beyond. Thanks for stopping by and hope you are all able to enjoy the weather this beautiful weekend!

Madewell 9 Inch Denim

Madewell 9 Inch denim
Madewell 9 Inch denim

** This post not sponsored but solely my opinion

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  1. I’ve not heard of Madewell brand Jeans, but these look so cute on you, I’m convinced to try them. I love my Paige jeans too!

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