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The Secret Art of High Low Fashion

It is no secret that high low fashion can elevate your style.  There is an actual art to it and figuring it out can be somewhat difficult.  How do you dress on a budget but look like you spent a Million bucks?  The art of high low dressing has been around for years but actually pulling it off can be another story.

What is High Low Fashion?

High Low Fashion is where you pair more expensive items in your wardrobe with less expensive (more budget friendly) items.  The ultimate goal is to look not only put together but fashionable. You can achieve this easily with the following tips.

This is something I have incorporated in my wardrobe daily for years. To perfect the art of a high low wardrobe is something that can easily be attained with a few pointers. It is not only easy (once you get the hang of it), it can be super fun.

High Low Fashion Tips

Next, you will find a few tips I have learned over the years. These tips help you stay on-trend without breaking the bank. They also help you keep a minimal wardrobe, something I am still striving for but really believe in. When you don’t overbuy and focus on few more expensive items mixing with a few less expensive items, getting dressed becomes an art of carefully curated clothing.

Check out the following tips to look your best.

Tip #1 – Do not spend money on trends

I repeat, do not spend all of your budget on of the moment trends. Why is this you ask? Well, it is just that – trends are meant to be short lived and the fashion industry quickly moves on from them. Then you are left with outdated clothing after just one maybe two seasons. Some trends last longer than others but overall most trends come and go quickly. Remember the cold shoulder trend? Every top, sweater, sweatshirt you found had open shoulders. That look has now sailed, leaving you with outdated clothing. Save your money other items.

This does not mean avoid trends, just be sure to buy the more budget conscious ones. Each season I like to identify a few trends and try them out at lower price points. You can easily and successfully do this by buying the trends either on sale or at less expensive stores.  If the trend is something you end up loving, go for it, buy a nicer one. If not, you haven’t lost anything and you can quickly move on.

You might ask, what is the 2021 trend in fashion? I am seeing super casual items everywhere from Target to Saks. Everything from track suits to leggings are filling the racks in 2021 at all price points. I am here to say, do not fill up your closets with only casual clothes. We will be going back into offices, meetings, parties soon enough and you will look at your closet and have nothing to wear. Though, I think this trend is great and comfortable, it is not here to stay.

Tip #2 – Know where to spend

Spend or even splurge on clothing that you will wear a lot. These are typically classic items such as a nice black dress, work trousers, jeans or a white blouse. You get the picture, spend on items you will wear all the time and can mix and match with your lower priced items.

It is also important to spend on quality shoes, since they are literally what holds you up in your daily activities. It is important that your feet and your legs are properly supported to stay youthful and comfortable. Investing in quality shoes goes beyond fashion and shows you are taking care of yourself. If you are on a budget (who isn’t) this is a great place to shop sales.

An exception to this rule, is a shoe you might wear one or two times, don’t stress save your cash and go for the less expensive option.

Tip #3 -Be discerning and focus on quality

Whether you are buying luxury brands or less expensive fast fashion, be on the lookout for quality and be discerning. There have been many times I have fallen in love with an item that was a “higher end” brand only to discover the quality was not there for the price. At the same time, those cheaper items might fall apart after only a few wearings. If this is the case, you are getting what you paid for and not saving any money when you have to go purchase another one.

Before making the purchase ask yourself if you think it will hold up and for how long. In the past I found out quickly which items fall apart that can only be worn 2 or 3 times. For example if you spend just $20 on an item and wear it 2 times, that is $10/wear. If you had spent $80 and wear it 20 times, that is only $4/wear. This may seem crazy but I really think about this when shopping. After all shopping and dressing well is an art.

Tip #4 – Curate your own Style

It is so important that you have your own unique style. If a trend does not work for. you, just skip that trend and move on to what you really love. If you don’t love luxury or high end style, stick with what you love. Your style should be unique to you as an individual and it should be something you have fun with. If getting dressed is stressful, it is time to take a step back and really identify what is creating that block for you.

When you have your own style, it is easier and you will no longer get pulled in all sorts of directions each season. You will know what looks great or not so great on your figure.  Do you love color, add it to your wardrobe. Do you love black (I certainly do), wear it a lot. Finding your own sense of style and where you would like to spend your money is one of the top Fashion Tips I can think of.

Be sure to read my post on 5 ways to elevate your fashion for more information.

Tip #5 – Shop Sales

A great way to save money on more expensive items is to shop sales. Around almost every Holiday, retails stores hold some sort of sale, so  you rarely need to pay full price on anything really. Most stores also have a cycle for their sales. For example if an item has been on the floor for 6 weeks, that will be when it will hit the sales. Make friends with the Sales Associates at your favorite stores and they will keep you informed when items go on sale. Don’t be shy, they love this since they know you will be purchasing and will become a faithful customer.

Sales can really be your best friend, once you figure out when the sales are then you can wait to purchase your items and have a fabulous wardrobe at a fraction of the price.

Tip #6 – Don’t forget to accessorize

This also leads me to accessories. This is a place to spend a little more and invest your money in. Such as a nice handbag, jewelry or shoes. When you invest in these pieces, pick more classic lines and structures so they will stand the test of time. This is a great place to hold out for sales or even buy second hand in order to save a bit of money. Some of my handbags are 10 plus years old and I still use and love them.

Tip #7-  Mix High Low items together

My favorite thing to do is wear an expensive pair of shoes with a very reasonable dress or jeans and T-shirt. Throw in a luxury purse and your whole outfit is taken up a notch or two.

We have all seen people out there with every high end luxury item put together and it just screams trying too hard. When you mix your high end items with a lower end item, you look authentic and relatable.

A great example is grabbing a nice pair of jeans out of your closet and pairing them with a lower end t-shirt and blazer. You can throw on Tennis shoes or heels and be ready for your day. This outfit screams put together and classic.

Another example would be a great pair of heels with a fun less expensive black dress and a nice handbag. This look can be worn all year and really can show off your style. Add some fun jewelry and you are good to go.


Jumpsuit|Handbag|Hot Pink Shoes

This outfit is a great example of high and low.  Here, I am, wearing a jumpsuit (similar linked above) that I found at Marshalls (fashion tip, Marshalls has great items if you have the patience to really look), paired with an inexpensive heels and a luxury Louis Vuitton Handbag. The bag helps add my personal style to the outfit along with the pop of color.


Madewell Jeans|Sam Edelman Heels


Another favorite of mine. This pricier blouse I found on the Rent the Runway (check out my post on Rent the Runway) and I paired it with less expensive denim and heels. This outfit always makes me feel young and put together.

Thank you for stopping by another week, I hope you are enjoying my fashion tips and tricks as much as I enjoy putting them together. Have a great week and see you again next week.



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