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Tips For Refreshing Your Closet

I have been thinking a lot about tips for refreshing your closet and how it effects your life.  Are you rushed getting ready in the morning and spending countless minutes of even hours picking out an outfit? Do you get frustrated and just throw on the same old thing?  These are common issues all us women face at some time or another.

I have been doing a little series on “how to refresh your current wardrobe,” and I thought I would show you some of the fun outfits I have come up with. I also want to share a few tips with you on how to combine outfits and what to look for when you are out shopping.

These will help you get dressed with ease, style yourself quickly and allow you to focus on other things in your life.

Top Tips For Refreshing Your Closet

Tip #1 – Take A Step Back And Really Look At What’s In Your Closet

What do you have TOO much of? Ok, I am going to be honest and no it is not all that shocking, but I have WAY TOO MANY jeans. I mean seriously, I don’t wear them all (or do I?). I keep some for those days when I feel bigger or those smaller ones for those skinny days. Oh, what about those ones with the holes all over just in case I want to look like I am still in college? I know that may sound ridiculous, but we all have our thing, right?

Do you have anything that you have too much of? Is there one thing in your closet that if you cleared out, it would help you get dressed easier in the morning? Are you holding on to clothes that are sizes too small for years now? Believe me, I have held onto those pre-baby clothes for way too long. I mean, I think she was 7 before I got rid of them, what was I thinking?

Once you evaluate what you have too much of, see if you can part with anything to clear the way for a more minimal approach to your clothes. This will help you with your overall life. Having less stuff allows you more freedom to do what you want. Once I figured that out, it really helped me pair down what I own. Having less stuff means less time managing that stuff. It means having more time since you will no longer spend time trying to find something to wear. All the clothes in your closet will fit and work well and you can just throw on something and go.

Tip #2 – Look At The Colors In Your Closet

Next while taking a step back, look at what colors you tend to pick out. Mine would be black, black and more black. I love black, but is it even a color? It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down and well hides all the stains. That’s how I justify my black obsession.

Once you check out what you have a lot of, you will see what you are consistently purchasing. Does this fit your personality? Is it what you love? Do you have a lot of pink but rarely actually wear it? I love black, wear black all the time and do not plan on changing that so I know that buying black is actually ok for me. It goes with my style, which can be a bit edgy but feminine and mixes and matches with everything. That is a win in my book, definitely important when refreshing your closet.

If you have a lot of one color that you keep buying but never wearing, keep that in mind when out shopping next and stay away from it. It might be a color you love but don’t love on you. That’s ok, now you know.

Tip #3 – What Do You Love To Wear? Do You Look And Feel Great In All Your Clothes?

No, this does not have to be that cocktail dress you wore one time to that wedding long ago. I mean, look at your everyday clothes and what do you love wearing? Is it jeans (of course my answer), dresses, skirts or shorts? Do the items you wear all the time really represent who you are and make you look and feel great?

If not, what would you wear that makes you feel outstanding? Is it a great pair of pants with heels and a blazer? Or maybe cute joggers, bright white tennis shoes and a great tank? These looks are both my jam. Once you know what you love wearing that makes you feel outstanding, we can work on the next step.

Tip #4 – Are You Having Trouble Getting Dressed Every Morning?

If you are having trouble with what to wear every morning it might be due to a variety of things? Do your clothes fit properly? Are they in style and comfortable? Are they clean and in good condition? Do you have items that will work for multiple types of occasions? Do you have too many clothes? Refreshing your closet is going to help streamline your mornings.

I find when I am having a hard time getting dressed each and every morning, there is usually a very valid reason. Sometimes my clothes are fitting a little snugger than usual and I might need to go grab a larger pair of pants or tops. I also have found one of the biggest reasons getting dressed can be difficult is when I have WAY too many clothes. Clothes that are overflowing from my closet can become a nuisance and block me from actually finding clothes to wear. Clearing out helps.

The top complaint I hear from my clients is that they don’t have anything to wear or they don’t like anything they have. This may be due to all the reason’s above. Maybe you formerly worked at home and are transitioning to an office and need a few fun tops to update your current pants. Or maybe (most likely) you are working remotely for the first time and are getting tired of yoga pants. Take a good hard look to determine why it is hard to get dressed and then you can adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

I hope these tips are useful and fun. Let me know your biggest wardrobe or clothing challenge. I love to help people find their style and sense of fashion so don’t hesitate reaching out. I can help you. Be on the lookout for my new course coming out soon!

For more style tips, be sure to get my free style guide at A Girl and Her Jeans.

Here are some fun outfits to share with you!

Express Lace Blouse | Madewell Jeans | Ann Taylor Pointed Toe Flats

I love this top.  Remember the puff sleeve from the 90s?  Oh how I swore I would never ever wear the puff sleeves again.  I remember thinking how ridiculous I thought I looked when I saw the old photos of my in my Laura Ashley dresses.  Well here I am again, wearing the puff sleeve while trying to help you with refreshing your closet.   This Express Lace top is perfect for the changing season and you can easily dress it up or down.  Here I am, wearing it with jeans and a pop of color shoes.

Nordstrom Tank | Madewell Black Paperbag Waist Pants | ColeHaan Shoes

This outfit is so comfortable, it feels like cozy sweats but looks more dressy.  These pants are perfect for cooler temps that are coming.    The tank is my go to for all the seasons.  You can wear it under a blazer or cardigan in winter or just as is in summer.   I wear these tanks all the time.  The shoes are so comfortable.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this weeks post.  Don’t forget to be on the lookout for my new fashion courses coming soon.

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