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Fall Fashion Favorites: Top 5

Are you all ready for my favorite Fall fashion favorites? How is the last little bit of summer treating everyone? Are you ready for 2020 to be over yet? My little one keeps saying, we all thought 2020 would be such a great year, what happened? I truly expected the same. With all that being said, I do think 2020 is shaping up to be an incredible year. Incredibly hard and good at the same time, is that possible? The world has had to pivot, adjust, restart and reset expectations all at the same time. Our little family has learned to slow down and enjoy each other more. I somehow managed to start this blog during all the chaos of it all.

This past weekend, we were able to enjoy some outdoor time at the beach. Sitting there (socially distancing of course) with a friend, she suggested I do a Top 5 Fall Fashion must haves. She is one of my more fashionable friends, can we say sophisticated with an edge and sometimes boho chic? I mean, that is what we all strive for right? To have our own fashion flare while rocking clothes that fit great and show off our personality? She has it nailed.

I know this year is a bit different than most and our normal wardrobe is a little more lax. I also keep hearing that you all want to still look good, pulled together and you are tired of the sweat outfits. So I created this Top 5 with that in mind, a few items to refresh your wardrobe and make you feel great!

2020 Fall Fashion Top 5

Moto Jacket

I can’t say enough about a leather or faux leather Moto Jacket. You will find this is so versatile and can go from casual to dressy in an instant. Leather is always my favorite and has a luxury feel. The faux leather is great since it is more durable, you can wear it in the rain, and packs up well for travel. A great fitting Moto Jacket gives all your outfits a bit of an edge. I wear mine with everything and I even have it in multiple colors – I even have a red one? Above, are some great options. Definitely go for fit and make sure it is flattering.

Flare Jeans

Can we say the 90’s/2000’s are back in? In fact, I was watching a movie recently that I thought was current times and realized it was filmed in the 90s! The fashions now are so similar and I am loving it. Flare denim was making come back last year and now it is here in full force. But don’t go grabbing your old styles. The new ones are even better with a higher waist, particularly good for a curvy girl.

Bias Cut Skirts

These throw me right back to college in the 90s, and I just love them for this year’s Fall fashion favorites. Ok, I am dating myself but I can’t help it. You can go from dressy to casual in an instant with different tops or shoes. They are thin and pack up nicely. Don’t forget your Spanx for a smoother look. You can’t go wrong with these for fall.

Double Breasted Blazer

Ok, I know what you are thinking why do I need a blazer when I am working at home on Zooms all day. Well because it can pull together your look in an instant. For those heading into the office, a double breasted blazer will immediately update your wardrobe. I particulary love the Veronica Beard one and can see it with skirts, dresses and slacks. Also, Talbots (formerly known for the older crowd) has come up with some fun affordable clothing for the working woman. It’s a great addition to anyone’s Fall fashion favorites.


If you are to buy one pair of shoes this fall (who am I kidding, how can you only buy one pair), I would buy a pair of slides. Also known as mules, these are easy to throw on and can be worn with almost anything. I love the Gucci ones, they come is so many colors. The Sam Edelman and Treasure and Bond are perfect for a more affordable option.

I had a difficult time narrowing it down to just 5 Fall Fashion finds, there are some really cute looks coming out this season. Let me know what your fall fashion must haves are. I would love to hear what you are all purchasing and wearing. I hope this list helps you get started and thank you to my fashion forward friend for suggesting this Top 5 list.

We are headed into such a nice time of year with cooler weather on the horizon and kids back in school (even if it is online). I love slowing down and having a nice warm beverage and watching the leaves change. I hope you all can enjoy and bit of cooler temps and Fall fashion favorites.

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