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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Stylist

dawn putting clothes on raxk

Top 5 reasons to Hire a Stylist

Hints of  Spring are here in California.  Do you find yourself looking at all the clothes in your closet and wondering what you are going to wear? Do you find yourself getting stressed that the season is changing and you have no idea how to transition your wardrobe?  Are you socializing a bit more but have nothing to wear? These are common fashion concerns and they are easy to fix with a little help from a Stylist.

Every season, I have a mini panic about what to wear? While Spring is around the corner it’s not hot enough to throw on shorts or a sun dress but it’s too hot for my bulky winter sweaters and coats. This morning, I stared into the abyss of my closet and wondered what will I put on today?

Then I remembered, I have plenty to wear. I told myself to take a step back, evaluate the weather and throw on my favorite pair of jeans, booties and lightweight sweater. Off I go to work and hopefully some fun later today.

If you are finding yourself stuck and staring at your closet day in and day out, a Stylist just might be your answer. Working with a stylist does not have to be unattainable. A good stylist will work within any budget and style. A Stylist can help you in so many ways and it can be really fun.

Check out the Top 5 reasons to hire a Stylist and let me know what you think!

Why should I hire a Stylist?

Are you thinking that a  stylist will try to get you to wear clothing outside your comfort zone or even worse, outside your budget?  Are you worried a stylist might make you feel bad about your body?  These are realistic concerns when venturing outside your comfort zone with a new service, but I am here to tell you that a stylist can really help you elevate your game. Check out the Top 5 Reasons to hire a Stylist, you might be surprised that it is just what you need to help you look and feel great.

Reason #1 – A Stylist can save you money

Are you thinking, how is a stylist going to save me money?  Seriously how is this even possible?

Are you constantly buying clothing and wearing it only a few times or not even wearing it? Are you depressed because you literally have money hanging in your closet due to unworn items? Do you have so many clothes you don’t even know what you like?  Are some of the items years old and looking dated?

A stylist will help you purchase what looks great on you, fits well and will compliment your current wardrobe. You will save money by not buying items that are  not your style, don’t work with multiple other outfits or are just plain unflattering. Even though you pay the stylist for the service, you can eventually save hundreds if not thousands of dollars not buying the “wrong” thing.

Stylists also are in the know about sales and can teach you how to shop in order to save money.  A tidbit I have shared before is wait for the Holiday weekends, there will almost always be some sort of sale. Stylists also have connections in retail and hear about all the sales.

Reason #2 – A Personal Stylist will help you find your style

Clients often say one of two things.  “I don’t have style” or “I don’t like my style.” Either way, a stylist can help you find your style. Your style and how you present yourself is telling the world many things.  It can tell them you don’t really care how you look or are perceived. It can also tell the world that you don’t know yourself very well.  The best is when you see someone that is put together walking with a confident posture. You know that person takes pride in not only their appearance but their life. This does not need to be complicated and can be achieved quite easily with a little professional help.

A good stylist is there to lead you in a direction that suits you.  Are you a little bo-ho chic or do you prefer more tailored conservative clothing or a mixture of both?  A stylist can help you curate your wardrobe to suit not only your body type but your overall vibe.

Reason #3 – Stylists know what trends are coming are in and what trends to avoid all together

Do you find yourself struggling with what is in style vs not in style?  A stylists job is to know what is on trend as well as what is no longer in style.  Each season a few new pieces come in and a few go out, knowing what these are is key to help you look and feel your best.  There are also pieces that stick around for a few years and it is a stylists job to know these. Most stylists work with brands and or stores to determine this. A really good stylist will be able to spot a trend before the rest of the world has.

The mom, not so skinny jean, trend has been making its way in for a few years now. I was able to spot that and get on board early.  This fun trend is now making its way to the rest of America and will continue for a while to come.

Stylist not only know what is on-trend, they know what is out all together.  Think cold shoulder tops. These were everywhere for many seasons and have made their way out. A stylist can take a look at your current wardrobe and help you decide what to keep and what should go. This will help you look and feel great and also stay current.

A stylist can also help you identify what to add to your wardrobe to pull it together and look completed.  This is something that they will also teach you so you can repeat it many years to come.

Reason #4 – Stylists can help you look younger and thinner

Do you see women out there looking years younger than their actual age and wonder what the trick is?  I am not talking botox and fillers here. Having a good, put together, well fitting wardrobe can take both pounds and years off your appearance. By spending a little bit of time nailing your style and finding clothes that fit well, you will be surprised how much better you feel.  This confidence translates directly to your age and appearance. Hiring a stylist helps you look even younger and thinner by having the right clothes for your personal style and body type.

Reason #5 – Stylists save you time

Since stylist know what is on-trend, what is going out and where to shop for different body types they can save you time searching for the perfect outfit.  They can also help you coordinate what is in your current wardrobe. saving you time when you get dressed daily as well as when you have a big event. Since a stylist knows what is in the stores currently, they can save you hours and hours shopping either online of in the stores. Time is money and by saving you time they will save you money (Tip #1).

I hope these 5 Tips have helped you understand that a little help with your wardrobe can help you with your life overall.  Saving time and money are just a couple of benefits that will really help you be able to focus on more important things than getting dressed daily.  Check out my Services that I offer as a Personal Stylist and feel free to Contact Me with questions.  I love helping women look and feel your best.

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Below you will find a few options of Top 10 Classics from my previous post.  These items are great as we transition to Spring and warmer temps. There are both splurge vs save options for every budget and price point.  By mixing and matching higher end items with lower end items (read my post on The Secret Art of High Low Fashion) you will create a look that is not only personal to your style but pulled together and fashionable.

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