Success Coaching by Dawn Graham

Are you looking to level up and advance your career? Have you been unhappy with your job for a while, even years? Did you reach a milestone birthday (or any birthday) and look back at your life and wonder how you got there? Perhaps you are looking to earn more money and make a 6+ figure income, you have come to the right place. I have been helping women make more money and level up in their corporate careers by teaching them how to negotiate, research and learn solid interviewing skills.

Have you been in your current position for more than 5 years and making the same as you did when you started or just 1 – 2% more a year? Did someone just get hired and they are making more than you, often tens of thousands? Are you feeling stuck and do not even know where to begin to make more money?

I have been there, it is frustrating, demoralizing and overall a hit to your self esteem. Back in my twenties, I had dead end jobs that I hated and felt completely stuck. I would go to work knowing my male counterparts were making more than I was. I knew as well that I was doing a better job. I did not understand at the time, that the negotiations started before I even sat down for an interview. Back then I decided, I would never let myself be in a position where I was not making what I was worth. But how did I do that? I have spent the last 25+ years building people skills, negotiation tactics, the art of interviewing and much more. I can’t wait to share with you how to do the same. I know how to teach you to not only rock your corporate job but your life. Over the last 25+ years I have come up with time management hacks, people skills and learned to negotiate with the best of them. These are skills, I can teach you. You can make 6+ figures and more, I know you can.

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