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Climbing the corporate ladder as a woman

Are you frustrated trying to climb the corporate ladder as a woman?

I consistently work with women who are trying to advance their career, but they do not know where to turn or how to advance in their roles.

Although women are slowly climbing the corporate ladder, there are still just about 32% of us in upper management.

In 2015 this number was just 27%, so we are making strides slowly, but surely! 🙌

My mission is to help more women increase this statistic, whether it be in corporate America or in your own business.

It often seems elusive, how will you even get promoted or advance your career?

After all, men promote each other and help each other…but do women?

Here are some tips to help you climb that ladder and feel GOOD while doing it:

👚 Find a mentor, someone who is honest and kind.

A mentor can coach you and help you hone your skills to land that promotion. This can be through Industry groups or your current company. Send me a message to find out how we can work together to achieve your goal!

👚 Dress the part! This one is so important, you make your first impression in less than 10 seconds.

Are your shoes clean and in good repair, is your outfit flattering and are you clean & well-groomed? This one seems so obvious but you would be surprised how some people show up to an interview.

👚 Brush up on relevant skills for the position you want.

Do you need better computer skills, speaking skills, finance skills or communication skills? You can research online or ask your mentor to help you.

👚 Communication!

How do you communicate? Are you confident and self assured or standoffish and abrasive? Direct & confident communication is a skill you must learn to succeed in any role. Practice this and you will do great.

👚 Most importantly, believe in yourself!

You’ve gotten yourself this far – what if this is only the beginning for you?

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