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Efficient strategies to streamline your work and personal life

“How do you ever get anything done with a husband, 2 dogs, 2 girls and a demanding career?”

Sometimes I look back on the last month (or even year) and think, What did I even do? How much of what I did matters? 🤔

The truth is, I am constantly evaluating, re-evaluating and refocusing on ways to streamline my work and personal life.

After decades of tweaking these helpful systems, I’m sharing the strategies that you can use to streamline your life, both personally and professionally.

To be more efficient and purposeful:

👛 Set a timer to accomplish tasks, this helps you stay on task and focus while not spending too much time procrastinating.

This is a daily practice – setting timers to clear out my email, work on tasks or even when I take mid afternoon breaks. I have found this helps keep me motivated and on task!

👛 Schedule time to work on your projects, not just meetings.

This allows you to have boundaries around your work and know exactly when you will get to that item you need to accomplish.

👛 Keep 2 To Do Lists – one for your daily “must achieve” items and the other for your longer term actions.

You can move them as needed to your daily To Do’s when the time is appropriate. I always highlight my top 3 -5 items of that day so I ensure I get them done. These are your “must do’s”

👛 Ensure that on a daily, weekly and monthly basis the things you are doing are really important and creating the life you want.

You might be surprised to look at your last week, month or year and see you are not progressing as much as you wanted – only to realize you are doing, doing and doing things but they are not “important.”

What advice to you have for all of us? Share with us in the comments here!

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