Cozy Clothes To Wear At Home

What cozy clothes to wear at home have you been enjoying while the stay at home orders are in place? In Northern California, we are just moving into Stage 2, which means restaurants are opening with socially distant measures in place. Malls are also opening, can we say yippee, hooray, YES! It’s funny since I was so excited some of my favorite stores are opening and thought I would run right out to go shopping. When I really thought about it, I am happy to wait a bit longer.

What Is Normal Anyway?

I keep wanting my life to go right back to “normal,” but I am resisting it. Anyone else feeling the same way? I am trying to embrace the fact that this is actually a “new normal.” I feel so conflicted. While, I do not like all this change, I am actually realizing that a lot of my old routines are not what I want going forward. I have had time to take a step back and realize I was running around a lot and not accomplishing much. I have been trying to take a step back and live more Intentionally over these past few months. Making sure that I am achieving my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals is a priority. I have been evaluating my life including, business, family, fitness and health goals and realize some of those old habits need to go. So even though, I am ready to get back to some things, I am not ready for all the things. For that I am grateful.

Fashion At Home

So back to fashion, what have I been wearing these past few months? A lot, I mean a lot of workout clothes, that was obvious from my last post. Besides the workout clothes, I have been still wearing my jeans. The weather has been overall very nice here in Northern California and I feel so grateful to be able to run around in a good pair of jeans, a tank or t-shirt and light sweater. It will soon turn hot and then I will be transitioning to my summer staples of skirts and dresses. But for now, I am happy in my jeans.

Cozy Clothes To Wear At Home Look #1

I have found a couple of cute joggers too. The Gibsonlook brand has a great pair of ponte black joggers with matching faux wrap top. I wasn’t sure about the joggers since they are a slim fit and I tend to think of joggers as being oversized, so they took some getting used too but I just love this look. This outfit is so comfortable; I mean seriously comfortable while looking pulled together. I threw this on and hung out around the house then headed out for some errands and felt great. Once the weather heats up a bit, I will throw on a good tank and call it a day. Also, I just love these little wedge sneakers from Nordstrom, the Caslon brand. They are super cute and add a little sass to your outfit while still being a sneaker.

Gibsonlook Ponte Jogger Set
Gibsonlook Ponte Jogger Set

Cozy Clothes To Wear At Home Look #2

I love the Gibsonlook collection.   From what I can tell it is a collaboration with Nordstrom and different bloggers.  I discovered it from Living in Yellow, Hi Sugarplum and Honey We are Home.   These bloggers have collaborated and created a great brand that is budget friendly, on trend and comfortable.   So far, I am partial to the cozy collection since I love my cozies and it is flattering for this curvy girl.  These 3 women are what inspired me to do this blog, so a big shout out to them.

Gibsonlook cozy fleece wrap
Gibsonlook Cozy Fleece Wrap

Cozy Clothes To Wear At Home Look #3

Another look from Gibsonlook is the Cozy Fleece Convertible Wrap Cardigan.  I ended up liking it so much, I bought it in 2 colors.  It is just the coziest top and can be worn multiple ways.   In the photo, I am wearing it more like a shirt with a cute pair of high-waisted Banana Republic jeans.  These jeans run a tad small, so size up if in between.   You can also wear the top as a wrap top for a more fitted look and a more flowy look with the fabric flowing down.  It is currently on sale for $29.50 so you can’t beat that.  It is light weight and I will wear it throughout summer as a little cardigan and in the winter months as a long sleeve shirt.  I plan to wear this traveling too.  Since there are multiple ways to wear it, that means I will be able to put together different outfits easily.   It runs true to size and I am wearing a medium.

Gibsonlook Puff Sleeve Top
Gibsonlook Puff Sleeve Top

Cozy Clothes To Wear At Home Look #4

A top that I just love is the puff sleeve top from Gibsonlook as well.   It is the cutest t-shirt, yes I said t-shirt.   On, it looks like a fancier top that can be dressed up or down.  I wore it recently and felt like it was cozy and pulled together.   In fact, I like it so much I am ordering in black.   This runs true to size and I am wearing a medium.

Budget look
Cute Budget friendly look

My last look is a bargain look.  I found the top at Nordstrom Rack and bottoms at Target.  They feel like a dressed-up pair of joggers.  They are also on the more fitted side (wearing a large) and they are super comfortable.  I pull the pants up a little bit to wear them as a cropped pant, mainly when it is hot out.  This look is very casual but easy to run out for an errand and feel like you are not frumping (not sure this is a word, but I like it) around.

For now, goodbye and thank you for reading.   I am so thrilled that you are checking out my fashion tips and I can’t wait to keep sharing more with you.   I am planning a post on magnetic eyelashes soon.  Can I say, I was pleasantly surprised, and I think you will be too!

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  1. I am in love with these last two looks! I have definitely been frumping around way too much and wearing the mullet suit to work. 🤣 Business on top for the camera, and sweats and cozy socks on the bottom. It worked for a time, but I am ready to move on. Thanks for the inspiration! 🥰

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