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How To Style Your Jeans 101

Jeans are a classic must have wardrobe item that everyone has in their closet. Do you feel like it’s time to freshen up your go to looks and learn how to style your jeans?  Jeans are timeless fashion and there are so many washes, colors, cuts and styles you can own and create. You probably have a favorite pair of jeans. They are durable, they last and because of the versatility can be flattering on any body type.

Picking the right pair of jeans can be extremely confusing and frustrating. What looks good on your body? How do I style them so they are both dressy or casual?  These are all common questions.

I love my jeans because they get me through all seasons, spring summer winter and fall. They truly are a year round must have for any fashionista, minimalist lifestyle or capsule wardrobe. But maybe you’ve been pairing those jeans with the same things for too long and you need some fresh ideas. How can I wear my jeans differently and refresh my favorite wardrobe staple?

Learning how to style your jeans is all about thinking about your day to day style needs, focusing on your favorite but also be willing to stretch your imagination and pair them with new things.

How To Dress Your Body Type

Knowing how to style your jeans and look your best starts with knowing how to dress your body type. Feeling and looking your best is about knowing what looks great on you and finding clothes that fit you really well. Do you ever struggle with clothes that don’t fit well or feel like you need change your body? If so, you will benefit immensely from just learning what styles look best on your frame and investing in well fitting clothes! You’d be amazed what the right fit will do for self image without you having to do a darn thing to change yourself.

Pear shapes, apple shapes, strawberry shapes, hourglass figures. They are all unique and beautiful, but not every style of jeans is best for every body type. Even what we might consider to be an “ideal” body type is going to have some clothes that are just unflattering.

How To Style Your Jeans

Check out the type of jeans below and what is best to style with them.  I will be going into more detail in the future but this guide will be a great place to start. Links to each type will help you get started.

The Boyfriend Jean

The boyfriend jean is casual, loose fitting and cozy. Roll the cuff up for a classic look. Don’t be afraid to switch out those flats for a bootie or something with a heel. Unroll the cuff for something more edgy for for seasonal wear. These are fun with a graphic T, bodysuit, half tucked sweatshirt, sweater or blouse. Boyfriend jeans can really be style a variety of fun ways and are one of my favorite this season.

The Skinny Jean

We all love our skinny jeans! And no, they are not just for old ladies. Skinny jeans are still hip and very flattering. For skinny jeans you can roll the cuff and pair with a bootie, pair with a high rise boot or wear with any kind of flat or casual shoes. Don’t forget your heels, skinny jeans look great with almost every shoe. The narrow look of skinny jeans pairs really well with loose fitting tops. Pair them with something off the shoulder, or with an oversized sweater for an edgy winter vibe. Skinny jeans often come in darker shades or black and pair well with crisp white or lighter shades to add contrast. Throw on a blazer for a dressed up version with a cute pair of heels or even tennis shoes.

Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are great for showing a little bit of skin and are perfect for spring and summer. Let the crop be the star of the show and pair them with something more casual. Wear with flats or a super cute sneaker. If you choose heels, pick something low to not draw away from the core of your cropped jean look which is that cropped hemline.

Ripped Jeans

I love pairing ripped jeans with something elegant to contract the casual messiness of the ripped style. Don’t be afraid to pick something flowy or whimsical to really add some edge to your style. Dig deep in that closet and try pairing your ripped jeans with that magical blouse you only wear once a year at special occasions. You might surprise yourself! A great holiday look are these ripped jeans with a velvet or sequin top. The best part of ripped jeans is dressing them in surprising ways.

Mom Jeans

The baggy mom jean style might not sound fashion forward, but you can dress them up or down, they’re versatile and they’re comfortable which is always in style. Roll them up and pair with a cute tennis shoe or wear them rolled down r with a heel to dress up your look. Be careful not to pair them with a top that is dated to keep yourself looking timeless and fashion forward.

Paper Bag Jeans

Paper bag jeans really make a statement on their own, so you want to wear them with something neutral to really let this unique style stand out. Try neutral colors or simple stripes and stay away from fussy blouses. A great fitting bodysuit or a spaghetti strap tank would really pair well with these. Have fun accessorizing to bring out the uniqueness of this cute jean style.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are a great in between from skinny to mom jeans and are perfect for that tucked in look. You can make them pair well with any shoe type, too. Heels peeking out look super cute, and you can roll them for a different option as well.

Flare Jeans

This is a great option when you want to change it up. They are back in style and oh so cute with a heel and a dressier shirt. I love wearing mine with my motorcycle jacket for a night out on the town.

Shop the looks here

These are a few of my favorite jeans! Let me know what other looks you are interested in so I can write them up for you.


This doesn’t cover all jean styles, but these are just some of my personal favorites. Don’t forget to mix it up, you don’t only have to wear jeans but you can wear a denim jumpsuit, skirt or shorts.  Denim is a go to and can be really worn so many ways to accentuate your figure and your personal style. Here are more of my favorite denim trends from last Fall. Leave a comment below and tell me all about your favorite jeans and what you like to wear them with!

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