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How To Look Put Together: 10 Simple Tips

Do you have a hard time knowing how to look put together?   Do you struggle now since most of us have been wearing sweats or workout clothes for a year now?  Are you wondering what is even in style? Knowing how to look put together can be challenging if you’ve been in pajamas and taking it easy for the past year. If you’re time crunched and busy it can be even more of a burden. Throw kids and school or summer schedules into the mix and knowing how to look put together can seem completely out of reach.

I’d love to talk about some great ways for knowing how to look put together that are simple, economical and attainable for anyone who wants to look their best. Whether you’re going to the grocery store, dropping the kids off at school or going into work on Friday after a long week, these tips are easy to do. Look your best all the time by keeping things simple and making self care a priority. My few simple tips will take the guesswork out of getting ready.

Create A Morning Routine

Create a simple routine in the morning so that the little things don’t get neglected. If you have kids this is even more helpful as children thrive with routine and knowing what expectations are.

I love getting up early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee by myself before the day gets going. If the morning is too hectic, I have literally run out the door and felt rushed and out of sorts all day! Not the best start to being put together for the day.

Know what you need to get done every morning and make a list. Creating a regular routine for weekday mornings, savse me time and gets my day off to a better start. If there are things you can prep the night before, like meals or clothing choices, go ahead and set yourself up for success for the next day.

Beauty Self Care Routine

Taking care of yourself will make you glow over time. Here are some beauty routine suggestions that will make you look better everyday whether you have time to shower or not.

Take Care Of Skin

Use products with vitamin C that have anti aging properties, and make sure to always wash your face before bed. Find a great moisturizer that will keep your skin looking smooth and healthy.

I love these Beauty Counter Face products to keep your skin looking young and fresh.  I also love the price of the cleanser at $29 it seems reasonable.

Keep Nails Looking Amazing

I get a lot of joy out of taking care of my nails. Getting them done is super fun, but if you don’t have time or money to spend at a salon there are so many simple DIY at home options for nails these days. A simple file or trim and making sure they are clean and buffed goes a long way.

Here are all the tools you need for your DIY nails

Hair Health

Don’t just use the cheapest shampoo you can find. Identify your hair type and look into what products are best for your hair. Thin, curly, oily or dry. They all thrive with different care. Trim off the dead ends and find a style that is simple and easy to maintain if you find yourself short on time everyday. I am a big fan of dry shampoo and have cut hair washing down to a few times a week.  This saves me hours each week and I still have styled hair daily.

Check out my favorite dry shampoo options.

Pay Attention To Fit

Wearing well fitting clothes for your body type is essential in knowing how to look put together. Feeling comfortable and confident will also overflow into your energy and make you look more radiant. I have tried to fit into that too small items that I thought I would love and felt entirely uncomfortable in them. The best advice is to just get clothes that fit. Stop paying attention to the size on the tag and wear what fits your body best.

Simplify Your Makeup

Simplify your makeup when you are short on time by focusing on the basics. Consider getting your eyebrows microbladed or dyed darker so you don’t have to fill them everyday. Eyebrows really frame your face and make you look put together fast.

Wearing simple mascara and concealer will brighten your face if you can’t put on a full face of makeup. Keep lip gloss or a bright shade of lipstick in the car to create a last minute put together makeup look. Remember you don’t have to spend a small fortune on your makeup, there are so many options out there that are great and affordable.

I love this long wear lipstick and it is so affordable for all these mask wearing days.  It does not run or come off on your mask and lasts almost all day long.  This was a little tip from my sister.


Simply standing straighter will make you look awake and put together. Pay attention to how you stand and exude confidence with your posture by not slumping or slouching.


If you’ve been on the go, a quick spritz of a clean smelling perfume can really spruce up the perception of being put together. It will make you feel more fresh. Having a signature scent is a way to create your style beyond your clothing. I keep a little in my car as well when I need a quick lift. Here are a few favorites that will garner you tons of compliments.


Music can brighten your mood fast and make you feel ready for the day without changing your clothes or getting a pedicure. Choose a theme song for yourself, or a pick-me-up playlist to turn your day around when you’ve got too much to do.

Make Your Wardrobe Simply Classy

A simple wardrobe full of timeless classics makes it easy to pull anything out of the closet quickly and look put together. Here are some wardrobe tips to follow.

Shoe Sense

A classy pair of amazing shoes and lift any day or make any outfit special. Find something colorful and classy to add flare to your outfit of the day. Loafers are a true classic that stay in style for years and can be worn with just about anything as well as year round. Classic tennis shoes can elevate any outfit or a pair of great heels.  Here are a few favs.

Lots Of Neutrals

Neutrals are easy to pair with bright fun accessories. They are also on trend this season, but are timeless classics. This will make it easy to dress amazing everyday. There are some great nudes and off whites in the shops this season that are classic and timeless.

Below are some of this season’s favorite neutrals, all from Banana Republic.  You can mix and match these with your entire wardrobe. Be sure to check it out this weekend since they are having a huge sale! 40% off plus extra 20%

Utilize Special Pieces

Wear your favorite outfit or that shimmery top to look put together fast. Who says you can’t wear that glam to the grocery store to feel your best fast! Pair them with my favorite, of course denim and you are off looking amazing!

Choose Dark Wash

If choosing between light or dark wash pants, always go darker. They are classier and will show less smudge if you’re feeding babies or running around getting things done.


Nothing will brighten your energy and overall look more than simply putting a smile on your face. Smiling can also release serotonin and boost your mood naturally even if you’re not feeling your best. Get rid of that tired look fast and feel lighter by smiling, whether you’re in your car or walking down the sidewalk.

Pro tip: If you don’t like your smile, brighten it easily with a whitening product to make your smile shine.

Practice Self Care

Taking care of yourself is going to make you feel better about yourself, and you will find more motivation for learning how to look put together and feeling great everyday.

Try integrating a 5 minute meditation into your daily grind. Start your day off with an affirmation that addresses any negativity in your life and reminds you of how amazing you are. Practice self love, and don’t be too hard on yourself for the day you simply make it to the drop off line in those pjs.

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