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How To Find The Perfect Jeans

How To Find The Perfect Jeans

Learning how to find the perfect jeans for your body type can be a pain, am I right ladies? We all know how sizes can be unreliable anyway. Knowing how to find the perfect jeans for you is all about knowing your body type, accepting your curves and your body just the way it is, and sometimes is about trying things outside your comfort zone.

It’s also important to consider the wash of the jeans, and color can affect how flattering your jeans are, too. Dark is always a solid direction to take. They’re flattering on most body types and always in style. But don’t be afraid to try on some acid wash or worn in looking jeans even if it’s typically not your style. You might surprise yourself with what you fall in love with.

Knowing how to find the perfect jeans comes down to these 5 basic tips. We’ll dig a little deeper in a second, but here are some things to keep in mind when shopping.

6 Tips For How To Find The Perfect Jeans

  1. Know your body type and love your shape
  2. Find the jeans that compliment what you got
  3. Spend the money to get good quality
  4. Feel comfortable, which will make you confident
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment outside your comfort zone
  6. Stick to the classics; trends are fun, but not always best for you and don’t last forever

Exploring Body Types

Knowing your body type is going to go a long way in identifying how to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body. I’d love to start off here by going over some basic body types so you know where you might land before we look at jean styles.

Apple Shaped Ladies

If you are apple shaped, you have a shorter waist. This is where you carry most of your weight. Your bum might not be so voluptuous or a little flat and your legs will be thinner. Apple shaped ladies have medium to large size breasts. Think thicker on top, thinner on bottom. 

Goals For The Apple: Elongate your body!

Pear Shaped Ladies

This is the most common body type for women in the world. Your waste is thinner than your hips. You have thin shoulders and your hips are the largest part of your body. You have small to medium sized breasts.

Goals For The Pear: Emphasize that small waist!

Strawberry Shaped Ladies

Strawberry shaped ladies are going to be shaped like an upside down triangle. You have wide shoulders, medium to large breasts and very little weight in your bum and legs. 

Goal For The Strawberry: Downplay shoulders and show off curves!

Hourglass Ladies

Straying away from the fruit terminology, hourglass figures have that classic coke-bottle shape. You might be prone to larger hips and bum. Your shoulders and waist are the same length apart. You have a full bust, smaller waist and full hips to match. 

Goals For The Hourglass: Honor your shape; stay away from anything baggy, but don’t go too tight.

How To Find The Perfect Jeans

Now that you know what body type you are, shopping for the right shape and learning how to find the perfect jeans is going to be a lot easier. Staying on trend is important, but if you don’t look good, what’s the point? Skinny or wide leg, find what flatters your shape. Looking amazing and feeling confident is always in style.  Have some fun with it and try different things.

Tips For How To Find The Perfect Jeans: Apple Shaped Ladies

  • An elastic waist is perfect for the short upper body
  • Deep Vs and wide necklines will broaden your shoulders
  • Bootcut is a great fit for the apple shape
  • Midrise is perfect for you; stay away from high rise and low rise jeans
  • Choose tops that fall between your hips and thighs and stay away from anything too short or cropped that highlight your short waist

Tips For How To Find The Perfect Jeans: Pear Shaped Ladies (this is me of course as all my loyal followers know)

  • Relaxed fits like boyfriend styles will add volume to that lower half and bum instead go for a straight tighter fit jean.  
  • Flare legs that will give you balance
  • Oversized loose tops will make your entire body look wider.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off that skinny waist with fitted blazers and structured tops, but make sure it all fits to create a balanced illusion. 
  • Try some tapers cuts
  • Dark denim will elongate your figure and you can never go wrong!

Tips For How To Find The Perfect Jeans: Strawberry Shaped Ladies

  • Great news! Any jean type looks good on your toned, thin legs. Try all styles and see what you like best
  • Strapless and empire waist tops will highlight your above the waist assets
  • Don’t accessorize too much up top; try to keep the focus on the bottom to play up those legs and bum
  • Go for clothes that have lots of shape to bring curves where they don’t always pop

Tips For How To Find The Perfect Jeans: Hourglass Shaped Ladies

  • Skinny jeans are great for you, just be mindful of the fit. Too tight and they could make your booty look too bootylicious
  • Too much stretch could make you look larger than you are
  • Stay away from baggy clothing
  • Low rise, bootcut or wide leg with a slight flare will all be flattering on your body type
  • Don’t shy away from accentuating that narrow waist!


I hope these tips will help you in your shopping when you’re figuring how the perfect jeans for you! For more tips on some of my past reviews, check out this blog for some Fall denim trends I loved last year!

Shop some of the different denim options below, you will find options in all price points to suit your budget.  A trend tip, if you want to try a new trend but are not sure you will love it, buy a less expensive version and try it out.  If you love it you know spending more will be ok, if not you haven’t lost much.

Happy shopping!

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